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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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jS                         THE FATE OF  MAN

by worry : even those who feel secure for to-day
are concerned about to-morrow. The life of
the whole world moves beneath the sign of
economism, and economic interests have put all
things under their feet. With the masses living
chiefly by economic interests, culture suffers
fatally, since it becomes a needless luxury. By
impoverishing all nations the world war has
greatly strengthened the influence of economics.
All governments are chiefly occupied with ques-
tions of finance and unemployment. The masses
of mankind are concerned almost exclusively
with earning their daily bread and even those
who for the moment are rich and comfortable
have lost all sense of stability and themselves
await financial catastrophe. With appalling clarity
it is revealed to us that the bases of the life
of our fallen world are want and worry: the
Biblical curse is realized, " in the sweat of thy
brow shalt thou eat thy bread." The power
of economic interests is bound up with over-
population, which in Germany, for example, has
become a fact which threatens the peace of

Capitalism gave birth to economism as a
world-view, but it was itself born of economism.
Economism is something more than the ascrip-
tion of great significance to economic processes
and development as conditions of human life